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Spring 2008 - "Are you ready for an infusion of color?

This season, designers put basic black and stark white on the back burner in favor of vibrant hues, splatters of prints, and crisp khaki.

Have you ever wondered how designers come up with the colors for the season?   According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone Color Institute--- the authority in the color industry--- cultural phenomena, political events and social issues all have a great impact on color. 

As an example of entertainment’s influence, Eiseman feels the movie “Shrek” will help yellow and green remain in vogue. She also says that the “critter movies” will keep brown and tan popular.   Blue carries a clean, clear, pure feeling and will remain a fixture for those concerned with environmental issues.  

As an example of social awareness and color trends, just look around at the emergence of pink, as a reminder of the fight against breast cancer.  No matter the reason for the color, the bottom line is to use color as you dress this season and you will look and feel more up dated.


Invite a brightly colored, empire waisted, large buttoned, balloon sleeve, jacket into your life.  The lines of this jacket are new, and the style is very flattering.  For work, try this jacket style in a business color, worn over a slender leg pinstripe pant or pencil skirt that you may already own. 

When joining friends for a fun evening, zip your new jacket over your favorite jeans or khakis with a high heel sandal, and brightly colored toenails.  For the daring, try a long print tank under the shorter jacket. This trend is fun, flattering and has been around long enough not to be too “out there.”

Grab a large patent leather handbag. You can go black, yellow, orange or purple if you do not mind changing bags.  Remember to find the right size of handbag for you; always check to see where the purse hits your body. You do not want to add weight, so make sure it hits you at the slenderest part of your body.  This is the season to decide whether you want your purse to make an entrance or just to be useful.

Get passionate about a print and choose one that works with what you already have: Jungle, animal, ethnic, geometric, abstract floral and psychedelic graphic patterns are all worth a try. For work, find a print blouse that will go under different jackets.   Pick up a print dress: Kay Unger, Trina Turk, Diane Von Furstenburg are some of my favorites.  A long print blouse, belted with a wide or narrow belt or unbelted over a white or black summer pant is an easy snappy casual look.

Jewelry seems to jingle jangle more than ever this season.  Earrings are large and loud: bracelets continue to bangle: and rings have never had so much bling.  Go larger at night and more subtle during the day with your accessories.

Summer Wedding?  Sexy print dresses are a “must have” for all ages.  Don’t like your arms? A sheer, short jacket or a sheer shawl will always help hide what you think needs hiding.