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Suzie Wilson shows women how to create a professional look that reflects their own personal style.

She saw first hand the importance of first impression as a professional interviewer for large law firms and corporations.  So, after 10 years she changed sides and began helping individuals figure out the image problems that were holding them back.   Suzie makes sure that you match the image you want to project.


"Last night I went to a cocktail party fund raiser and received numerous compliments on the unique skirt we bought together several years ago. I always wear the clothes we buy together over and over and feel great."

Dr. Angela Kanuss

Hi Suzie,

I've lived with my new clothes for a month, and I love them more now than when we bought them!! Rather than just "event dressing", you've motivated me to dress nice and trendy everyday. I'm really enjoying myself.

Also, I love the closet organization cards 10 times more than I expected. They have simplified my life and made it pleasant to get dressed every morning.   By the way, I must admit that I'm looking to buy a metallic colored purse....I should have listened to you....

I'm amazed by the transformation in my husband. His clothes now properly reflect his image. He looks great! He really liked Clara. She worked very effectively with him.

Big thanks to both of you!!


"I was so tired this Saturday morning and went to put on an old t shirt and tennies .....then I remembered to look at my closet cards under 'Saturday Casual' ------- I ended up with cute jeans, a personality top we had purchased at Dillard's and ankle boots.  I looked great and felt better immediately.  If it weren't for the cards, I'd still be in my closet!   You are so good at this!  Thanks."

E. Piland  (lawyer)

"Just wanted you to know that I'm getting all kinds of compliments on my wardrobe. Today I'm wearing my striped pants with the magenta leather jacket. A gal stopped me in the bathroom to tell me how nice it was, then she said "You have the nicest clothes." So people are noticing! Every time I put on something new to go out with Bob, I say, "Am I cute?" And, of course, he thinks I am. So, we're both enjoying it."


"Wish I could use your coupon!  You always helped me think more broadly about the possibilities in my wardrobe. Even now, I think, "What would Suzie do?" (and you may quote me!)

Hope your new year is off to a great start."


"Your presentation to ExxonMobil in mid-August was a hit! So many women are talking about it and have applied your advice. Thanks so much for your time, ideas and enthusiasm"

Jennifer Walck

What Companies Are Saying About Suzie:  

"What a difference your program has made on the way everyone is dressing"

           Ms. Holly Fuller


"Your program and the way you changed clothing left a huge impact on everyone who attended". 

          Ms. Mary Ann Wyman

          President, Aramark, Facility Services & Clinical Technology Services

"I have heard many positive comments from our employees and my colleagues.  Not only did you deliver the message, but you supported your concepts with solid reasons, empirical research and interesting stories". 

          Ms. Karma Burford

          Human Resource Consultant, MD Anderson Cancer Center