Suzie Wilson AICI, CIP

Image Consultant • Speaker • Personal Stylist • Author • Closet Detective

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Need an Image Tune-up?

The best place to start is in your closet.  Suzie will get you on track and save you time and money. Stop buying and evaluate what you already have in your closet. 

While in your closet, you and Suzie will decide:

  • What colors, styles and fabrics look best on you, preventing  you from making mistakes

  • How to arrange your closet in order to be able to see and select your clothes. 

  • Making dressing easier

  • How to create NEW OUTFITS

  • What to keep and what to let travel


How to create the perception you want . . .

  • What to alter:  Suzie will pin and tuck, showing you how to up date certain pieces with simple alterations. (She even has an alterations person.)

  • Where to find what you need on your budget

    During a closet consultation you are given a set of CLOSET CARDS and a Closet Workbook.  Suzie can also take pictures of your new "mix & matches" and send them to you via email.

Suzie will also . . .

  • Help you shop!  She will pull clothes ahead of time so that you only try on clothes in your colors, styles, size and price range.  You then shop with Suzie, and experience the joy of being perfectly put together for every occasion  Many of her clients only visit the stores twice a year. 
              "I couldn't afford not to hire Suzie"  Julie Jakubson
    Bring clothes to you!  Suzie will scourer the stores and bring you clothing in your size, color, style, budget and put it all together in your home or office.
              " Wow, we did it again!  I couldn't leave home and you brought my spring/summer wardrobe to me.  I am spoiled." Linda Knox

    Pull clothes for you and then tell you where to go and who to work with.

  • Shop with your teenage daughter and have her all put together for College.

Clothing language is an important visual code that projects our talents, our needs, our personalities, our dispositions and our destinations. Never underestimate the power of your clothing statement. By emphasizing the positive aspects of yourself through your dress you can inspire confidence in your abilities and your judgment.  - Suzie